18 March 2009

when awesome is a mixed blessing

I've been AWOL from blogging for a few days because I was doing my most-favoritest thing in the world instead: getting paid to act. Woo hoo! And it all happened because of that crazy day job of mine. Yes, I'm going to be pole dancing on TV. In an upcoming episode of "House." (Every time I say that, I have to do a happy dance around the room.)

It's not a huge role (I don't even talk) but I should end up with a nice bit of screen time because the doctors are talking about me. Without giving away any plot points (because I don't need Universal Television coming after my ass,) I play a stripper (on TV, Dad! I keep my clothes on!!) who gets recruited to come to a bachelor party for one of the characters. (Don't ask who -- see above threat of an expensive lawsuit.)

During the first rehearsal take for the strip club scene, I decided to throw a big fancy upside-down no-hands spinny pole trick (yes, I'm a show-off.) And the director told me to keep it ... so I got to do it about 30 more times, for continuity (6 different camera angles, 4-5 takes per angle.) I felt like I had polio the next day, but it was totally worth it.

In the second scene, at the bachelor party, they had me next to Peter Jacobson, who plays Dr. Taub, making him very uncomfortable. After the shot, the DP said, "We don't get many belly laughs on this show, but that was fucking funny." I'm praying like crazy that bit makes the final cut of the show.

So far, every single bit of this is beyond amazing. It was a very cool set (they aren't all like that) and I didn't even mind that the 6" heels for my costume chewed up my feet. What's the problem, then? This phone conversation that I had on my way to the set:

Me: I'm on my way to do 2 days on "House!"

Dad: I love that show! Are you one of the sick people?

Me: (long pause) ... no ... um ... you're gonna laugh (shit shit shit) ... I'm a stripper at a bachelor party?"

Dad: (cracking up -- thank dog)

It's not that I've done something that I'm ashamed of -- I would never have taken the role if I wasn't going to be proud of it. (Believe me, I've turned down a lot of similar roles, on much shadier productions.) But the discovery that everyone from my dad to my FIL-to-be to every single one of my cousins is going to see me in my underwear ... is a little embarrassing. I mean, my skirt was so short I was referring to it as my "butt ruffle." Ah, well.

At least I wasn't alone. I got to see Robert Sean Leonard, whom I've had a crush on ever since he broke my heart in "Dead Poet's Society," dance around the room in his underwear. Network TV ain't what it used to be.

(No air date yet. When I get one, there's a very good chance you'll hear about it.)


Marie said...

Aieee! Congratulations, that is such amazing news. I love House and Hugh Laurie. So very very pleased for you!

elizabeth said...

Super cool! Congrats! Hilarious story!

Victory Bird said...

That's so cool! We'll totally be watching!!!

Modelmental said...

My husband (ooh there's that strange word again) is the BIGGEST House fan. We bought all the series but have yet to start working our way through (I've never seen an episode!), I'm kind of saving it for the long, cozy winter nights coming our way soon. So stoked that you got the gig!

Ten Thousand Only said...

GAW. that's not a mixed blessing. that's just awesome. kudos, girl.

Dead Flowers said...

Very cool. Wtg!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap.. just came here from a House forum. This sounds awesome, and it looks like you have a great job, I'll prob check out the rest of your blog when i'm off work.

But I had to ask- can you give any more info about Robert dancing?? Lol, it doesnt sound like a super secret plot point to keep under wraps.. so any more details?? Did they seriously film him dancing in his underwear?? Drunk Wilson with strippers?? Details!? Lol.

Ty for sharing this though!

Alison said...

Holy crap that is so awesome! Can't wait to see RSL dancing around in his underwear on the show! I can't imagine him doing that...he's probably drunk then XD.

Also I think Omar Epps already spilled the beans on whose bachelor party it is on his Twitter. I wonder what episode this is...next season, this season?

Anonymous said...

no way! ahh, congrats to you :)

if it's Chase/Cameron getting married I will.. die. of happiness.

Anonymous said...

This must have been awesome! Did you get to meet Hugh?

Samantha said...

when is this airing? I may have to watch TV! love you!

the un-bride said...

Wow -- thanks for all of the love. Let's see:
@Samantha believe me, you'll know as soon as I do.

@gorlicze not formally, but he did tell me how to find the bathroom.

everyone else: hmmm, let's see. Net worth of Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox network) vs. Net worth of Me ... who do you think can afford a better lawyer? I'm not talking.

cara said...

That's so exciting! I've never seen House (it's on one of the channels that we can't afford to pay for!) but I've seen adverts (advertising the channels we can't afford to pay for) and it looks brilliant!

I loved loved loved Robert Sean Leonard in the Dead Poet's Society and that other guy who is in it, with the beard, who was in Blackadder. Yum!