21 December 2010

holiday joy, part 2

Conceptual snowman:
Yes, that's from the wedding. Those things took effing forever to make ... I am NOT throwing them away. If you see me with a pair of them swinging from my earlobes, don't you dare laugh.

holiday joy

What? ... that's not enough?
Okay, FINE. Off to the mall, grumble grumble, general Grinchiness, grrrrrr.

18 November 2010

Lucy's first (best) trick

the Lucy channel

I was admonished recently by a friend (hi, T!!) for not getting doggie pictures up here yet. I know ... I know. But I've just been kinda hanging out with her, you know? Nonetheless, T's right: it's time to share our puppy's cuteness with the world. I'll be posting several times (soonish?) in reverse chronological order, as is the usual here in BlogLand.

First, the early days*:
*Seriously, this creature gets visibly larger by the day. The Mr. & I keep looking at her paws & laughing about how we are so fucked.

This is the first time she hung out with me while I got ready for an audition. She's really good about chilling in the bathroom ... as long as she has access to a potty pad, and I let her lick water off my hand from the shower.

Also: could you effing die?!?! Those polka dots. And those ears. And that face. **
** Stylish red collar that compliments her coloring beautifully selected by The Mr. -- credit where it's due.

Well, hello there! This seems like a good time to formally explain what I've already given away: her name is Lucy. Technically, she's Dame Lucille HisLastName. (She totally needed the honorific -- the doggie across the street is a "Dr.") She's named after one of my grandmothers, which is cool because my kitty (kisses in heaven, Lady B) was named after one of my great grandmas, and I like making a tradition out of it. Also, she just looks like a Lucy, doesn't she?

She was barely 3 months old when we found her at the city shelter near us*** -- can you believe anybody could let that face get away?! And we've been having lots (read: "lots") of fun with potty training. We're down to about 1 accident a day, which is actually a massive accomplishment. And she's pretty solid with "sit!" & "stay!" ... next step: "off!"

More to follow ... above ... silly formatting.

*** This shelter is really well-run, and there are all kinds of sweet animals there that need loving homes. Dogs, cats, bunnies -- they have everything. And the people who work there are nice. If you're local & considering a pet, please rescue.

10 October 2010


We're gonna be pet parents tomorrow! Well, technically, we already are, officially, but we get custody of our new daughter tomorrow. (No photos yet, sorry. Tomorrow in the p.m.) We went to the local shelter yesterday & fell in love. I personally found 5 or 6 dogs, 2 cats & a couple of bunnies that I wanted to bring home, but the Mr. insists that we start slowly. Drat him & his "practicality".

I want to call her Dame Judy Dench. The Mr. wants to call her Snooki. Which really is remarkably illustrative of the yin & the yang of us.

27 September 2010

can we all calm down about Colbert ... please?!

To everyone out there in 24 Hour Media Land who has their panties in a twist about Stephen Colbert testifying before Congress ... ahem:

"Elmo is the only non-human or puppet ever to testify before the U.S. Congress. At the request and with the assistance of Rep. Duke Cunningham, he testified before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services and Education in April 2002, urging support for increased funding in music education." source

I'm all for better funding for music education. (Full disclosure: I was a marching band geek. And the school one town over from us, which actually funded its music program, routinely kicked our asses.) Music education is a good thing. Even when it's proposed by a douchebag who's currently serving time in an Arizona jail for major financial malfeasance.

As a general rule, hypocrisy makes my blood boil. And while Colbert may have remained in character during his testimony, at least he's human. And capable of speaking without having some guy's hand rammed up his butt. At least, as far as we know.

Your move, Pundit Nation.

22 September 2010

getting it wrong on purpose

Seen at the Las Vegas airport baggage claim:

If you barely glance the ad (like I did), you could think for just a moment (like I did) that Andrew Dice Clay had joined the Blue Man Group. And I kind of want to live in a world where that would happen.

Imagine the Blue Man show with a 4th guy, still painted blue, but also wearing a leather jacket & chain smoking. He has zero percussive abilities, and keeps breaking the "no talking" rule to lob F-bombs. Especially when random Blue Man machinery whizzes past his head -- he can't dance, either, and doesn't know the show's choreography -- he slept through all the rehearsals because he was still drunk from the night before.

It could happen ... I mean, seriously, how many other offers do you think the Dice Man is getting these days? Also, why do I feel like I just described many of this week's performances on Dancing With The Stars?