28 December 2009

holy crap!!! we're home owners!!!

This entry was almost titled "We Have All Your Dead Spiders." Because, as it turns out, our new house (to which I repeat: !!!) has ALL the dead spiders.

So if you're missing any of yours, just let us know. We'll ship 'em back. Gratis.

ps: This blog will soon resume its regularly scheduled programing. Thanks indeed for staying tuned.

03 December 2009

strange days

I feel like I'm living several parallel lives at the moment. Ever since the Mr. started working The Most Brutal Night Shift Ever (aka 11pm - 9am). First is my "normal day", where I tip-toe around the apartment getting ready w/o waking him, then go to work/auditions/whatever the hell else I do with my days. Second, I come home & we eat dinner together & chill. (He loves my cooking -- oh, the irony.) Third, I watch "Big Love" on DVD or read until I pass out, trying not to mind the empty spot in the bed next to me.

Strange days, indeed.

Also, I want to get a dog. And name him Kermit. So he can be Kermit the Dog.