03 December 2009

strange days

I feel like I'm living several parallel lives at the moment. Ever since the Mr. started working The Most Brutal Night Shift Ever (aka 11pm - 9am). First is my "normal day", where I tip-toe around the apartment getting ready w/o waking him, then go to work/auditions/whatever the hell else I do with my days. Second, I come home & we eat dinner together & chill. (He loves my cooking -- oh, the irony.) Third, I watch "Big Love" on DVD or read until I pass out, trying not to mind the empty spot in the bed next to me.

Strange days, indeed.

Also, I want to get a dog. And name him Kermit. So he can be Kermit the Dog.


Marie said...

Sounds like no fun, although the dog named Kermit, now that would be fun!

elizabeth said...

he he Kermit the Dog!!! i, too, want a dog. a big fluffy white dog named Bodhi. totally impractical because the hair would get everywhere, and we're both too busy right now to give proper attention to a dog. so instead, the mr. barks at me when i come home! yeah, he's a little wacky.

the un-bride said...

omg ... I'm totally going to ask him to bark at me!! He'll probably look at me like I'm nuts, but he already does that fairly regularly.

Mr.Un-Bride said...