05 March 2010

la cucina

Ah, what a difference 2 days & a great big heap of OCD* make. To wit:

We seem to have a kitchen.

I can't believe how much bigger the room looks since we took down the cabinets that flanked the window. (And thanks to my friend M who suggested we put them in the garage, where we can still use them. Brilliant!) Also, it was totally worth the effort & caustic chemicals involved in getting rid of the "oak" veneer ... or as the Mr. has dubbed it, "fauk". Now all we need to do is hang the shelves above the window-adjacent counter. And buy a stove.

I feel obligated to show the reverse angle, for some perverse reason. Or maybe just to reassure myself that there's a whole lot of Project remaining.
Behold: left) the aforementioned shelves, and right) Future Site of Our Kitchen Table.

*I "may" have alphabetized the spice drawer. No, you can't see a picture.**

**Okay, fine:
(for some reason Blogger won't rotate the picture -- oh well.)


Mr.Un-Bride said...

It's worth noting that the Ms. stripped the fauk, primed, painted, painted, and painted *again* - and then attached the cabinet drawers, all while I was *asleep*!

Magic, she has it. Also, the cabinet doors that close all the way: She did those. The ones that don't quite close properly: Those were mine.

iningr: This isn't even remotely a word. I'm not going to try.

Modelmental said...

dear un-bride and mr un-bride. you are hilarious and charming and inspirational! i've been bunking blogs for a while now but had to come back and read everything from january! congrats on the house and the continued renovations, you guys are doing a stellar job. must start documenting our own endeavours, if only to be reminded that we ARE making progress, however slothily. x