04 June 2010

the incubator

There's much to report on the progress of converting our yard from a weed's field of dreams into something that we're willing to let people come over & see. I'm woefully behind in posting about it -- mostly because I've been outside getting a) filthy, and b) unintentionally tan as I try to make the transformation happen.

Also, our outdoors has invaded our indoors, where the bay window shelf in our kitchen has proved to be the perfect place to start growing seeds into larger green things. (As for the one item that I transplanted to our great outdoors, well, the less said about that the better. It's a learning curve, dammit.)

Backlit though it may be,I think you get the idea.

Oh, and are those rubber goldfish in our zen fountain?

Why, yes, Yes, they are. Because that's how we roll.


~ Samantha said...

there is something called becoming unintentionally tan?

love the seedlings. you will do great there farmer.

the un-bride said...

Well it's kind of in a weird stripe across my back, where my shirt hikes up from leaning over to dig. Sort of a "tramp tan," if you will ....