14 October 2009

playing hooky

I'm supposed to be doing "real" posts about our wedding, but I'm distracted. A) We're trying to find a house, and it's just not sane out there, kids. At least, not in our price range. And B) I've been busy with Ahk-ting. For money, even. But I'll get to that eventually. For now, I just want to post silly photos that make me giggle.

Yes, babe, that's a much better use of the reception decor. Excellent work.

To be honest, I have no idea what's happening here ... there are so many options. But I love that Marija captured it. This may be my Christmas card this year. "Happy Holidays, and Don't Even Jest About Taking My Slice of Cake!"

My friends are awesome. Notice the lack of boys -- they were all hiding on the deck outside. Wussies.

Yes, we'll probably photoshop the panties out when we make prints for the parentals. Probably.


Marie said...

You guys get good air! And wedding recaps and photos are great however they're done. Good luck with the house hunting. M x

Mr.Un-Bride said...

I'm pretty sure that in the fork-wielding photo, that's you defending yourself from my joke about smearing the cake on your face. You were adamant!

sloggic: Adj. The zombie-esque state of semi-wakefulness just before one falls asleep or just as one is waking up. eg: She bumped into the sofa in her sloggic stupor.

elizabeth said...

Waaaaayyyy better than the standard wedding recap. Mr. UB looks great with a parasol, and you've got a mean way with a fork! Between the fork and the guns (nice!), no one's gonna mess with you.

Any party in which someone ends up showing their undies is a good one in my book!

Glad you're back!

("lusoato": [pronounced with a long 'a'] my favorite flavor of gelato, during the final dress-fitting countdown.)

Indie B said...

Awesome! I love the last couple of photos. Looks like so much fun.

anna and the ring said...

Check out those guns!!!

kkpina said...

Hey there! Came across your blog as I am thinking of booking the Malibu Beach Club for my wedding this summer and I wanted to find some photographic inspiration - and your photos are gorgeous! Just curious how it all went in the end - did you love the venue, the caterer, etc? If you happen to have time to respond I'd love to hear your review of the Beach Club (you can email me at kkolada@gmail.com). Your wedding looks like it was a blast! -kristen