10 August 2009

The countdown continues: T minus 5 days

Actually, it's more like 4 days by now -- only 3.5 hours remain of this one. And I can't plan on getting anything done tomorrow, since I'm filming & my time is officially not my own. Which means that All Of This needs to happen Wednesday:

*print programs, and possibly begin assembly (Some of this could conceivably happen in S.F., but I want to have at least one prototype completed, to avoid complications.) (This would've happened today, but the template is printing screwy. The Mr. is performing triage as we speak.)

*finish making morroccan-style lanterns out of soup cans (I plan to enjoy this, as it involves hitting things with a hammer.)

*find a hairstylist who's available on Saturday (Yes, this got put off until waaay too late. I have 3 numbers to call in the morning, and I'm gathering supplies to do it myself. Eff it.)

*make labels for candy buffet & ceremony (This won't happen until the programs are ready to print. I try to limit my Kinko's exposure.)

*Separate out S.F. stuff from the Wedding Fort and prepare for transporting it north. (Mad love to T. who's letting us use her punk-rock soccer mom car!)

*Find something I already own that will work for the His-Family's-Friends dinner the night before (I know which dress, but the accessories are proving to be quite vexing.)

*Have conversation with Photographer Friend about specifics (I expect this to be a breeze -- I love this woman, and I've shot with her before.)

Honestly, all that feels pretty manageable. Well, the hair thing is slightly worrisome, but I can pull it off myself in a pinch. And I'm letting myself get some nice things from Sephora since I'm doing my own make-up. Also, my friend who works for Smashbox came through huge: I asked for a few samples, and the woman brought me real live product. Have I mentioned how much my friends rock?!

So .. what's distressing me these days, you ask? (You did. I heard you.) Oh, one or two things.
**A portion of this entry has been redacted. But I maintain that there are a couple of people who owe me an apology.**

On the flip-side of that, several people are being stellar. One of the g'men (who married our officiant last year, so he gets it) even agreed last-minute to be our "stage manager" for the S.F. stuff.

And my girls ... let me tell you about my girls. I wish I had $1000 to spend on my Maid of Honor, Our Lady of the Holiday, because she couldn't be more awesome. And my friend T., who's doing a reading during the ceremony, went with me for mani/pedi today and talked me off the ledge regarding Stupid Things That Boys Say. My girl S. is coming through like a champ with the potent potables, and I've had such love from His Sis & My Sis this week that I'm in danger of going all gooey on you.

So all in all: things are good. Unless Mr. UB finally snaps out of it (I keep waiting for him to turn to me & exclaim "Whoa -- you're crazy!!") it looks like this thing going to happen. Holy I-promised-myself-I'd-reign-in-the-swearing!


Marie said...

So exciting it's so close! And yes, that boy needs to whip himself into shape and get measured pronto, not on to cause others such stress.

Victory Bird said...

Wooo! I wish you the best, as my fav bride blogger. Seriously, you are coining the terms of my life: Wedding Fort, Our Lady of the Holiday, almost as momentous at Arbor Day . . . I completely understand:) Have the best wedding ever!!!

the un-bride said...

Bless the both of you -- for reminding me that I'm not alone. I'm sending you massive e-hugs!

samantha said...

so you didn't freak when I called you about the last min change in Champagne? lol. good. :0)

I've got your liquor under control baby!

Christmas Collins - Total Beer Snob said...

Girl, we've got your back so hard you don't even KNOW!! Muah! And I'll totally do your hair (you're cool with pigtails, right?). If not, I have a crimper...

P.S. Mah other fab ladies who are in/attending this bash, Friday evening you can find me at the Tonga room drinking something out of a pineapple. It's right across the street from The Hotel. Either there or gettin my martini on at the Top of the Mark. I'll be at both at some point. Get my cell from the Bride,come find me and we'll toast the big day!!