13 August 2009

stress-relief tactic

I took the bubble wrap that came with one of our wedding gifts and put it in my car. I can reach over & pop the sh*t out of it whenever the need arises.

It's actually pretty helpful.


elizabeth said...

Utterly brilliant! I love that popping sound! Best wishes for the weekend - breathe deep & soak it all in!!! :)

(grarb: annoying comment from that relative you don't really get along with - a cross between a growl and a barb. hopefully, you will have NONE of those.... just lots of midget waiters dressed as octopi.)

Marie said...

Is it today? This is exciting!!! Best of luck for an amazing time (today or tomorrow...) Looking forward to hearing all about it when you're back :)

corijessy said...

Maybe that's what I need.

Good luck! I'll be in your shoes in two weeks!

Teresa said...

Ha! I freaking love this.