27 August 2009

wedding recap: random reflections

There's something funny about having a wedding in a public place -- in our case, a city park that's also a tourist attraction. But the size of our wedding (30-ish people in a site that can hold up to 250) didn't exactly call for ushers, and without amplified music I somehow thought we'd be ... unobtrusive?

On such a gorgeous Saturday, the POFA is filled with people taking photos -- I saw a quinceƱera and one other wedding party -- not to mention locals soaking up the nice weather. I figured that the folks setting up (the groomsmen & My Dad) might have to flash our permit to shoo people away from the area we'd reserved, but didn't think much more about it.

What I didn't expect was that when we turned to walk down the aisle together, a crowd had gathered & was watching us. As in, they hadn't just glanced our way & kept going -- they'd stopped & listened. We must've had at least 70 extra people who clapped & cheered for us during our recessional. Amazing.

Also: apparently it's good luck to get your picture taken with the bride & groom.


elizabeth said...

Gorgeous!!! You two look soooo happy! That lucky tourist, to be surrounded by such love. And oh, the shrug - perfection!

["trisiant": a state of being, similar to petulant, when everything seems annoying and bothersome. Often caused by too much wedding planning...]

Marie said...

I love the idea of people just randomly watching and cheering you on. I can't help but watch a wedding when I see one. So cute the picture with the random lady!

east side bride said...

Yeaaaaaaaaay! Let's hear it for the August brides :)

Peonies and Polaroids said...

that's so funny!

We photographed a wedding at Edinburgh Castle once. A tiny, 16 person wedding in the smallest chapel in the country which just happens to be at the castle. The terribly terribly shy (hence the 16 person wedding)couple didn't realise that they were getting married on the one free open day of the year and emerged from the chapel to be confronted with about 500 tourists with cameras.