16 November 2009

dance, monkey!!

Things that make The Bank displeased:

1) They told us to get a pre-approval letter from a bank (not them), basically stating that yes, we really can get the loan. They told us this Friday night at around 8pm -- well after business hours. We said sure -- 1st thing Monday morning. By 10am today they were throwing a hissy fit at our "failure to perform."

2) They don't like that one of Mr. UB's financial documents is more than 30 days old ... even though we've explained that he only gets quarterly statements.

3) They claim that one of my signatures is "illegible" ... but since I've sent them about 80 different signed things, I'm hoping they'll get a little more specific. On a side note: it's a freakin' signature -- isn't it supposed to be a little sloppy (aka hard to copy)?

Like our realtor-babe said, "it's ALMOST like a party!" Wheeeee!!!


Marie said...

Sounds like estate agents here. Hope it all gets sorted soon!

Mrs Nipper Knapp said...

welcome to home buying hell. I have never been through anything that stressful in my life. No idea why it has to be so tense. It seems like you should be able to say "we have the money" and they should say "great, here's your house". end of story. Good luck!

Where is it? And do you need a handyman, because I've got a great one!

the un-bride said...

@Marie - thanks! We need the happy thoughts.

@MNK - If we survive the process, we just might need a handyman. Although I'm kinda looking forward to helping with any necessary demolition myself. Yay, sledgehammer!