19 May 2009

goodies in the mail, and other things that make me happy

I am officially a fan of Etsy. I love working with the vendors on there, because they are so accomodating and helpful. When I wasn't sure what color seam binding to get, I got this:
from here ... which I used like this:
to make these:

Also on Etsy, I've been eyeing one of these:
which I found in this shop. But I wasn't sure which color would best match my dress. I asked the seller to describe them, and she did better than that:
This stuff makes me so darned happy. It's rare to get anything in the mail that's not a bill or crap advertisements. And both times, I looked at the return address on the envelope and thought, "Who the heck sent me this?!?", only to be made all smiley by the prettiness inside.

Another thing I got in the mail, which was less mysterious as an envelope because it had the company's logo on it, was these:
I read about them on Budget Savvy Bride's blog, where she raved about them. And while they're not exactly fancy wedding china, our beach party is hardly going to be a formal affair. Plus, I like how eco-friendly they are. So far, I'm pretty impressed with the company's prompt & friendly customer service.

Other random happy-making things: I've started rehearsals for the play I booked. I'm going to be playing Faye Dunaway, Cher, Kim Basinger, and a couple of free-floating bimbos. We're all having way too much fun with this show. (Side note: to the guy who tried to chat me up yesterday by asking if I was an actress ... what gave me away? The fact that I was holding a script? Or that I was walking toward the door of a theater? Nothing gets past you, does it Sherlock?)

I found this material at a sidewalk sale:

$5 for the whole bolt. I think I'm going to make table runners from it. Or rather, I'm going to ask my friend Meg, who can sew, to help me make table runners from it.

My fiance makes me very freakin' happy. He just does.

I just found out that our rings are in. We're going to pick them up Thursday morning. The jeweler managed to sell $374 worth of the materials we gave them, to help offset the cost. Yay, offsetting any cost!

Oh, and this. This makes me very happy:


Julia said...

Etsy is a wonderful, wonderful thing isn't it? sounds like you're having a good time - hope the play rehearsals are going well!

Mr.Un-Bride said...

I made the list!

"Charmash" - A particular type of venn-diagram used for relating the various attributes of fictional characters to one another as a means of uncovering archetypes.

Nicole said...

Love the little jacket.

I have a really low back to my dress. I'm trying to look for some sort of jacket/shawl too but not sure what to do with the super plunging back.

Can you suggest anything/anyone?

anna said...

Etsy is heaven - it nice to have a dialogue with the seller.

That material is lush! Tres jealous.

east side bride said...

the forks are fab. I *obsessed* about finding wooden forks for our rehearsal picnic on the beach and finally let it go...


Lmarie said...

I convinced my caterer that we needed that wooden flatware at my rustic barn wedding! *evil laughter*