28 May 2009

the Walkens are coming!

I know this isn't how it really happened, but in my mind there were 8 Christopher Walken impersonators driving north on Interstate 5 this morning. In a van -- that's an important detail. They were also in full costume, as I imagine it, and hopefully making frequent stops for food where they all wandered aimlessly about the mini-mart en masse.

No, I haven't started taking hallucinogenic drugs. My friends & colleagues who are responsible for the play I'm currently rehearsing are doing a one-night command performance tonight of their previous show, All About Walken, in Stockton, CA. Yes, Stockton -- the city recently recognized not only as the most-foreclosed-upon city in America, but the Most Miserable Place to Live, as well. (Who wants to change their honeymoon plans?!) So if you're in the area, go check out the show. You could probably use the laugh.

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Julia said...

sounds like a great show!!