08 May 2009

indecisive = me

I apologize for all of the non-wedding related rants & dancing bird videos I've posted recently. I actually have been working on wedding stuff ... I just haven't been writing about it. If I had to give a reason for the disconnect, I'd blame my elevated level of general (aka non-planning) insanity. I've been busy, which is good, but tiring. Also, I like to rant. It pleases me.

I noted last night that my little "subject cloud" on the right shows a greater incidence of things like "insanity", "silly" and "rants" than it does "veil", "shoes", "programs", "favors", etc. Ah, well. I am what I am. But I'll try to get back on topic today.

The main area I've been working on is food. Post-ceremony dinner, and reception buffet, to be specific. I think my main reason for being reluctant to go here sooner is that these are likely to be the two biggest expenses of the whole nuptual circus. Which makes my guts contract just a wee bit, because I don't think I can get around it by being clever this time. Sure, our ceremony site is a city park, and I found my dress on eBay. But I don't see myself pulling off a similar cost coup on the food. I've never fed 120 people before. Not even accidentally. I've seen it done, in my few experiences as a cater waiter, and the amount of waste behind the scenes makes me barf at the thought of it. Whatever we choose as our final solution, that ain't happening on my watch, I promise you.

I'll confess to having thought, "Can't we just get a crap-load of pizzas?" But Mr. UB withered that thought with a mere glance. And while some people make pot-luck receptions work beautifully, its not right for us. So we're meeting with caterers. Two of 'em, who we found via great recommendations. I'll keep you posted.

For my next total conundrum: flowers. We're not going to have many of them at the reception (hooray for the more cost-effective power of candles!), but I would like to carry a few of them in my hands down the aisle. I'm a contrarian, but not that much of one. The problem is ... what kind of flowers? We're getting married in August, in California, where the temperature tends to climb upward during the afternoon. And my favorite flowers, tulips, like to do this in the heat:

No bueno. Also, I've decided that I'd like to have a little color involved here, since everything else is so neutral. I like hydrangeas, but I don't know if I want them for this.


I saw a great bouquet on Southern Weddings that had gerbera daisies mixed in with roses, but I don't know if I can make that look like anything other than a great big polka-dotted ball o' petals. (Did I mention that I want to do this myself?)


How early will I have to get up to S.F. on the day before to make it to the Flower Mart, and will the control-freak in me be okay with just "seeing what's there that day?" (Answer: hell, no.) Sigh. I'm going to go to work, and stop worrying about this drivel for a few hours.

Suggestions in the comment section are welcome. Solve this for me, and I may just buy you a pony.

credit bouquet 1

credit bouquet 2
(no disrespect to the owners or creators of these bouquets - they're just not me)


CaraBella said...

Aww, good luck with the flower choices! I know this wedding took place at a location maybe 20 mins from my house, so I know it was hot -- but how about these flowers, featured on rocknrollbride here: http://www.rocknrollbride.com/?p=9650

Not sure what those are, but they seem tulip-esque, with the ruffly-ness of hundrangeas? Good luck!

elizabeth said...

Just back from a wedding in the Santa Cruz mountains... The bride went to Trader Joe's the morning of, bought $100 of California-grown cut flowers, and stuck 'em in vases. They were gorgeous! And, good grief, like 1/10 the price of getting a florist to 'do' the flowers. She did get her bouquet and the groom's bout. from a pro.

("nontero": the new mitsubishi sport-ute that uses no gas)

Julia said...

good luck with the caterers! let us know how it goes...

what about full vintage roses? or big gerberas (the ones about the size of a coaster?) or gardenias, they are full and pretty

samantha said...

I have a 1 gallon silver milking bucket that we can fill with flowers for you to carry down the isle... :0)

and before you totally laugh at that, the reason I have it? I carried it at my wedding.

oh wait - it's jinxed.. never mind. hahah love you, and you will pick something beautiful I am sure! xoxo