22 May 2009

part great news, part back to the drawing board

We had two fabulous pieces of news yesterday. First, Mr. UB is getting a promotion in 3 weeks. Woo hoo!! He'll be working long hours, but at least he won't be on overnights, so there's a slight chance that I'll get to see him, at least occassionally. Second, His Parents are going to be able to give us more than they originally thought to help pay for this wedding thing, which is a huge relief. Even with all my wheeling, dealing & scheming, we were coming perilously close to bumping our heads against the budget ceiling. How close? Let's just say that my get-a-crapload-of-pizzas idea was back on the table. But more on that later.

We picked up our rings yesterday. They're lovely, and exactly what we wanted. My photography skills, on the other hand, well ...

That's Mr. UB's ring. It's a tungsten band with a diamond embedded in it. I was trying to take one of those pictures where the shadow of the rings looks like a heart. Apparently, I need a stronger light source. D'oh!

There's both of them, in the same place I photographed my engagement ring. Kind of soft-focus. Totally on purpose. Really.

That's both rings just sitting on the book from the earlier pic ... yes, Shakespeare. Much Ado, to be specific. No, not Romeo & Juliet -- that didn't end well, remember?

My sub-par picture-taking aside, we're thrilled with them. And the jeweler we used, J. Rothstein, couldn't have been nicer, or easier to work with. They took the materials we brought them in trade, and are still working on selling some of it.

Another wonderful discovery that happened this morning was Cake & Art. They were recommended by our not-really-our-wedding-planner, Ania (she can't do our new date, but she's continuing to share her resources. LOVE her). It's a tiny little shop in West Hollywood that's been there for 30+ years. Mark (one of the 2 cake gurus there) spent about an hour with us, looking at my magazine tear-outs, flipping through their catalogue, and sketching up a basic outline for us. He asked many more questions than we were prepared to answer, and was very sweet about our sleepy-eyed stammers & shrugs in place of actual responses. (I rehearsed until 1:30 a.m. last night, and the Mr. is still on his farked-up sleep schedule.) He came up with an idea that will incorporate several ideas from the rest of our decor, and suggested cake flavors that will compliment the tastes in our dinner menu. Hello! Are you kidding me?!? Oh, and the cake was super-yummy -- enough to snap me out of my Morning Grouchy Phase. (Note to self: cupcakes for breakfast cure that.)

The best part: they don't charge by the serving. I haven't found anyone else who makes wedding cakes who doesn't do that. They quoted us $380 for a 4-tiered cake. I was ready to slap down cash right on the spot, but Mr. UB wants to go eat more free cake. I suspect we'll do both. (Don't let their admittedly weird website put you off -- go and talk to them. I dare you not to love them.)

I'm very pleased to have the cake business sorted, because we got an estimate from the caterer we thought would be on the cheap side. They're quoting us almost $4500. Ouch. So: who wants pepperoni? Seriously, we could be the Pizza Wedding. That's cool, right? Sigh ... probably not. But it's time to start poring over the estimate one line-item at a time, and seeing what else we can figure out. I've never attempted to feed 110 people before ... will someone out there kindly remind me not to do it again? Thank you.


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

That first photo of the rings... i love it...

and who doesn't love a good pizza??? it's an excellent back up! Glad to hear you are getting some more help though...

elizabeth said...

ya know, pizza and cake, with a bit o' bubbly. would be pretty much my ideal meal. i can't be the only one...

("plard": modified animal fat, enhanced with longevity enzymes, favored by socialites who love good homemade southern pie)

Victory Bird said...

our reception is at a little Italian place, and pizza is definitely going to happen instead of the salad course. Who the eff wants salad when you could have pizza instead??? Go for it!

Mr.Un-Bride said...

For the record, I have ordered pizza for 60 people before (remember when I managed video game testers?) and the general rules of thumb to follow are:

1) Order half a pizza per person. 120 people = 60 pizzas.

2) Half of all of the pizzas that you order must be pepperoni. Seriously. 60 pizzas = 30 pepperoni and 30 something else.

3) People who don't like pizza can go play on the yellow line in the middle of the street. I'd be embarrassed if any of our friends fell into this category, anyway.

napkin math... 120 x 20 = $2400... That's pretty cheap compared to our recent quote. I'm okay with that if it means we aren't eating ramen for the month following the wedding.

"Comymla" - A disease which affects vegetables, particularly tubers, and is most easily identified by the appearance of small white spots on the edible portions of the tuber. Affected tubers are much more likely to blame their children's lack of success on the inherited disease, rather than on their own failures as parental tubers.

Julia said...

great stuff on the job to Mr Un-bride!! that's great news. The rings look gorgeous, it is good photography!!