10 September 2009

getting back into the habit

Okay, so in between sorting through thousands of photos & trying to decide what to call this blog after the recap posting is done ... I have a few more favorite pics to share.

Me & my hot-ass MOH, Our Lady of the Holiday.
The Mr. & I having a sweet moment at the post-ceremony dinner ...

... and a not-so-serious moment on the beach in Malibu.
I know I've been terrible about reading & commenting on so many of my favorite sites out there. I've got nothing remotely resembling a good excuse -- I've just been hormonal & sulking. But I still love you & I'm shaking off the cobwebs, I promise.


Modelmental said...

Loving the recaps, you both looked gorgeous! In love with your dress and your veil and the constant smiles on your faces... Your wedding looks like a ton of fun, yay!

Marie said...

I saw you in House the other day, it's finally reached England! It was very exciting, I pointed at the TV and squealed.

the un-bride said...

Oh god, I adore you both so much! Thank you so much for hanging in with me/ being there & understanding. Some things just can't be explained to "civilians".