27 September 2009

utter nonsense

And yet, it makes me giggle.

via here.
(Amsterdam is so pretty.)

Besides, it's better than navel-gazing, self-indulgent whinging ... isn't it?


Marie said...

Oh I saw this and I love it! Have a look on the artists website, some pretty cool stuff. And while I'm here congrats on the play, great news it's back on. Plus on the married lady thing, agreed, very annoying and weird that people feel it's okay to treat you differently now. Plus (and finally) will you keep your maiden name for professional purposes? Or are you changing completely? I went double barrelled because I couldn't bear to get rid of my maiden name... So was thinking if you kept your maiden name professionally wouldn't be so much to change it otherwise!

CaraBella said...

Hee -- *love* this -- it definitely made me break out into a smile :)!