28 September 2009

we're baaaa-aaaack!!

The "Jack" show is coming back -- woo hoo!! As much as I was thrilled & proud to be a part of its 1st incarnation, I am twice as excited to herald our return: Jack 2.0!! All About Jack: The Impersonators of Jack Nicholson is BACK for a second run at Theatre 68 in Los Angeles ... AND a Two-Night Stand in San Francisco!!

Have you ever wondered what makes Jack Nicholson tick? Where he came from? What his famous movie roles would've looked like, translated through the minds & bodies of 8 Jack impersonators? Then THIS is the show for you!! Come with us on a wild ride through his "discovery" & early days in Hollywood, his iconic performances & renowned eccentricities. Eight Jacks & one vivacious vixen take you on a tour of the life-and-times that you will never forget!!

Tickets for L.A. here:

Tickets for S.F. here:

(Okay ... sorry for the shameless pandering, but I'm incredibly proud of this show. Come & see us -- you won't regret it.)

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