25 September 2009

so this happened ...

Yeah, I know. I kind of suck lately. Sorry ... I'm doing my best.

Anyway -- this little exchange took place between me & one of my castmates last night. (Have I told you that my play is coming back? I haven't?! What's up with tha... oh, right.)

Cast Dude: Hi there, Married Lady!

Me: Dude, I'm gonna punch you in the f**king face!!

Ahem. Allow me to explain. I've been getting some "weird vibes" from people since I got married. (And non-Californian readers, please forgive that uber-Cali-ism. The fact is, it's as accurate as it is embarrassing.) To wit:

Cast Dude: Whoa!

Me: That's NOT. My Name.

CD: I know!

Me: Nor is it my defining characteristic.

CD: Okay. Chill.

Me: You f**king chill.

Okay, so I'm having some issues. For example: the paperwork that's necessary to officially change my name came in yesterday's mail, and I'm ever-so-slightly clinging to my identity as I know (knew?) it. I thought I was totally down, but now I'm freaking out. I don't know yet if any of these feelings are valid ... but I'm nonetheless having them.

And it's not helping that some of my friends (all guys, whatashocker!) are treating me like I have something contagious. "Don't get to close -- she's got Marriage!!" And while I "may" have over-reacted just a tad, Cast Dude had addressed me on four previous occasions as Married Lady, and I let him know that I wasn't kosher with that on three of those. For f**k's sake, people -- if I'm on the brink of giving up my last name, can I at least keep the first one?!?!

So ... there you have it. I'm here, I'm thinking about things I should be blogging as my days get too crazy to make it actually happen ... and I'm freaking the f**k out. All in all, just another day in the life.

Oh, and my play is coming back!! I'll tell you all about it. Soon-ish.


samantha said...

wow. that sucks sweetie. I'm sorry.

I still maintain my original stance of - just hyphenate your last name, then you can go by either/or or both.

the only things that really need the hypen are your drivers license, and SS card (maybe your passport?) the rest, you can keep as you wish.

I loved it, because at work - I continued to be Ms. V and at home and with family and friends I was Mrs. H.

Love you, and point out who the guy is that's afraid of the M bug when you come to town in Oct.

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Once at a party I introduced the boy to an old school friend as my fiancée and he visibly backed away. If it hadn't been so hilarious I would have been offended as it was such an 'oh my god, what ARE you?' gesture.

I love your rants. You're funny.

the un-bride said...

@S, @P&P: bless the ever-loving fuck out of you both. You keep me as close to sane as I can possibly aspire.

east side bride said...

forgive, I haven't kept up with the blog.... but. why the eff would you change your name??