30 January 2010

moving day

(This is an experiment, since we're without home Internet service until Friday (the horror! The horror!) I'm testing an iPhone app that may or may not work ... fingers crossed.)

We moved yesterday. We have to go back over this weekend & clean, so that the landlord will give us at least part of our deposit back -- but we spent last night in our new house. Good news: the heater works brilliantly, and the roosters at least shut up at night. Bad news: we NEED to finish the closets so we can start putting stuff away!

So: good-bye awesome Thai place on the corner, hello awesome Mexican place 2 blocks down. Good-bye screaming kid & neighbor learning the trumpet, hello very enthusiastic roosters across the street. Good-bye apartment ... hello house!

Also, I really hope the contractors get the shower done soon. Otherwise this could get smelly.

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elizabeth said...

Awesome! Congrats! The feeling of being in your OWN house - knowing that you don't have to deal with landlords, and you do have to deal with service people and contractors - is amazing!