04 January 2010

my new best friend

Yes, thing are going swimmingly at the Un-Casa. (That name sucks. I'll work on a better one. But meanwhile ...) The locks have been changed, the interior doors have shiny new doorknobs, and the paint samples from Ralph Lauren arrived today & were promptly smeared on the relevant walls. I'm not sure in which parallel universe one pays for 2-day express shipping on December 29th and receives said order on January 4th, but I plan to take that up with the dear people at RL first thing tomorrow. And frankly, I'm too excited about getting my hands on Pretty Colored Things to let it bring me down. Even better news: the Mr. and I are in agreement on colors for 3 rooms -- we're 60% of the way home, and still speaking to each other. Woo hoo!

But getting back to the semi-caustic substance in the spray bottle: it all began with our Mission Statement: Replace Ugly Crap With Nicer Stuff ... On Budget. To wit:
In a perfect world, I'd get rid of the ugly "oak" cabinets & start over. But in Our World, we're going with plan B. (No, not that Plan B. Nobody knocked up our cabinetry.) Plan B started out as "Let's just paint them white," but has since turned into "Let's get an electric sander & some varnish remover, so that the white paint we apply will a) stick, and b) not be lumpy." So while the Mr. has learned how to use varnish remover & not die (it involves gloves, a face mask, and not taunting the substance), I've been tackling the insides of the cabinets.

Fun fact: other people's shelf paper is disgusting! Especially when combined with All The Dead Spiders (see previous post -- free shipping offer still applies!)

Also, the previous owner's Stupid Plumber Tricks has led to 2 of the lower cabinets being rather mildewed. I discovered this as I was systematically scrubbing the living daylights out of them, and the ick-factor jumped from an 8 to a 10. At that point I stopped reaching in with my sponge and just basically sprayed & ran. That's when the miracle happened.

I came back the next day, and it was better. Dramatically better. It went from "Maybe we should just replace that" to "The patient is ALIVE!" I kinda wish I had a "before" picture to post here ... but then again, I wouldn't want to make anyone spontaneously kill themself in horror. Suffice to say: it may smell like the devil and wreak havoc on your cuticles, but I LOVE me some Lysol anti-mildew spray.

Back tomorrow to check the paint samples in better light. And yes, I will absolutely be addressing the ceramic floor tiles that go halfway up the walls -- count on it.


~ Samantha said...

1) Home Depot carries all the samples for RL and they will mix you a sample FOR FREE and no shipping.

2) Ikea's cabinets for all sizes, rip yours off and put theirs in (NEW!) for very little money over what it will cost in time/supplies of sanding, unvarnishing & repainting.

3) if you still want to repaint, instead of going with all that work, Homedepot sells a primer base that you can slap on, and can paint right over. (i.e. no sanding etc -- looks amazing)

love you and congrats!

~ Samantha said...


CLR spray for mildew is your best friend

& add a few drops of the anti mildew stuff into your paint before tackling those areas will keep the problem away for a long long time.

My wall in my house is going on 8years this month, no return growth.

the un-bride said...

@Sam: thanks for all the awesome advice. But HD is discontinuing RL paint, which means they're out of samples. Ikea cabinets + installation would cost about $2K, which I'd much rather spend on replacing the god-awful tile floors. And I'm TOTALLY doing that anti-mildew thing to the paint!!