18 January 2010

progress report

Okay, I promise to try to get some more up-to-date pics to post tomorrow ... but, in the meantime, here's some of what we've been up to:

The Bad:

No, really, I didn't want to just un-screw that old hardware. I much preferred using a razor blade to slice through 8 layers of paint (and I'm especially curious about YOU, oh Chooser of Acid-Trip Green) ...

The Good:
We both have a place to park;

We've removed the Gross/Tragic medicine cabinet from *the bathroom
(*awaiting further destruction)

the Ugly Kitchen Cabinets being carted outside. That's our handyman -- small in stature, but 18-feet tall in awesomeness.

Our shiny new outdoor light fixtures. They're replacing the Fuctard-Installed Non-Outdoor ones that our predecessors provided. Sadly, all the accompanying rust has been sacrificed on the alter of "WTF?!?!"

The Ugly:

Have you been paying attention?! ...

Good stuff to follow, as soon as I'm not too distracted to remember I need to take pics before dark.


~ Samantha said...

i had 6 layers 3 of wallpaper 3 of paint (seafoam, lime and peach) under my white walls of my kitchen... I can't explain it either.

But!! when I get home today (tomorrow?) I will look, I have a product that saved me a lot of work, and you just spray it on, let it sit, and the paint comes off much nicer.

~ Samantha said...

ps - I keep seeing all this work in the kitchen.. what's up with that? I thought your speciality was "reservations?"

tell me you aren't REALLY learning to cook...

the un-bride said...

@~Samantha: 2 things:
1) I still want the kitchen to be pretty;
2) I recommend marrying a man who's lived for years on hot dogs, ramen & take-out. Context = everything.

Mr.Un-Bride said...

To be fair, the Ms., against all odds, is actually an excellent chef!

Remember, despite my raw talent for boiling hot dogs and ramen (not at the same time... usually), I have worked at a pretty top-notch restaurant, and I know my food. The UB's cooking is awesome!

Except for that time that she asked me if I liked olives, I said "no," and she then served me a dish composed roughly 1/2 of olives. Listening ftl.