24 November 2008

in case anybody wants to join us

At least now I have something to do when I can't sleep: I surf wedding websites & look at pictures. Hunting for inspiration, ideas, or something I can just rip off completely. As I look & learn, I'm currently figuring that the things I should be working on right now are: (in order of magnitude)

1) Location. Found one I love, and it might just be suitable for human habitation by the time I'm ready to do this thing. Status: Check-ish.

2) Dress: Obviously this'll inform the look of everything else I choose. I have color ideas, but if I end up grabbing that lavender Cavalli number, there might be some adjustments to be made. (I mentioned that dress to Mr. UB, and he objects to it on principal -- but that could change if my boobs look good in it.) Status: In progress.

3) Invitations: Once I get settled on the two points above, I'm gonna have to see if anybody wants to come to this shindig I'm planning. And since I've never considered what kind of wedding invitations I like before, I'm clicking my little heart out doing "research." (That sounds so much more productive than "wasting time" or "just plain fucking around.") Status: Pre-planning.

One of the sites that my sis recommended, TheKnot.com, sent me an email today about ... something. Who knows what it actually said -- as soon as I clicked on the link and saw all the categories & pictures, my ADD kicked in and I found myself looking at all sorts of things. LOTS of stuff to file under "I Know I Don't Want That!", but a couple of useful things, too. (In the category of Awesome Because It's Awful, please check out CakeWrecks.blogspot.com.)

This was the first thing that made me perk up. Simple, elegant, and unpretentious. I might tweak the details a bit, but the basic idea here is beautiful.

I also really like this idea. I'd have to find a design/motif that I'd want to use throughout the whole wedding, but there's still time for that. Also, I'd use a much simpler font.

Oh, and the best part of all, as relates to this particular category: Sarah, my uber-cool upstairs neighbor, is a graphic designer. She's really excited that we're getting married, and she's offered to help me do this stuff. Special bonus points because she just got married 3 years ago herself, so her brain is already programmed with all of this nonsense.


Christmas Collins - Total Beer Snob said...

Pray tell, where is this "possibly suitable for human habitation" mecca?

un-bride said...

the Palace of Fine Arts. see pics a few entries down. /drool

Christmas said...

Ooh, how exciting! I though it wouldnt be done till 2010 or something.