21 November 2008

oh where, oh where ...

I've decided that the first order of business is figuring out where to have this little shindig. (See? I'm being decisive!) After discussing with Mr. UB the merits of both local & non-local weddings (we're in LA, by the way), we lighted upon the idea of having the ceremony in San Francisco. We're both originally from the Bay Area -- I'm from the SF 'burbs, he's from Oakland -- and we both love the beauty of the city. (San Francisco, that is. Not Oakland.)

My first thought was the Palace of Fine Arts:

Residual effects of my "I'd rather just be alone on a beach" idea, perhaps, since it's right off the bay. It also has a killer view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Mr. UB shuddered at what that might cost, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. Turns out, it really can be quite painful sometimes. But not in this case! GOOD NEWS: They rent the Rotunda (the round building in the pic) for $150/2 hours! BAD NEWS: It's being renovated & construction is estimated to take until 10/9/09. At least. Well, phooey.

Another place that I stumbled across online as an alternative to the POFA is the Legion Of Honor:

It's also got a killer view of the Golden Gate, but it's a little more militaristic than I'd like. Also the cost & set-up make more sense for a ceremony and reception, which isn't what we want. Basically, we're looking to do a very, very small ceremony with just immediate family & our closest friends, and have a much bigger reception closer to home. My head's already spinning with what that part is going to cost ... but I digress. So I don't think this is going to work, either.

I've been surfing all over HereComesTheGuide.com, which has tons of info on locations all over California. Holy crap! I must have REALLY good taste ... but as soon as I see "deposit is $6000" I cannot physically make my eyes focus on any of the words after that. On the off-chance that we'll end up doing the ceremony in LA, I've been looking at some of their listings down here. I found this place:

It's called the Butterfly House, and it's in Topanga Canyon. It's pretty, but the layout of the place seems a little goofy, at least in the pics on their website. GOOD NEWS: $1500/8 hours. BAD NEWS: No view of the ocean, and I'm pretty sure there's no chance of seeing the Golden Gate from there, either.

So, either I grab some plaster & terracotta paint and go fix the POFA my damn self, or it's back to the drawing board. Grrrr.


Christmas Collins - Total Beer Snob said...

Okay, so I, for one, think San Francisco is the most beautiful city on earth. Period. And think how awesome the rehersal dinner can be. Best restaurants... Wiat, we're not there yet. Shit. Is your head spinning? ANyway, take a look at the Great American Music Hall and also Bimbo's 365 Club. Not sure about price tags, but both are badass spots. Not outside, but depending on when, very cool nonetheless. If I was savvy I would enter links here....but I'm not. ALso, the Hotel Vitale has a rooftop terrace and its right on the Embarcadero so it has killer views of the Bay Bridge and Oakland. Tell Judd it could be like seeing Russia from his house.

Christmas Collins - Total Beer Snob said...

Also check out www.sftravel.com/wedding-san-francisco.html

samantha said...

Don't forget about the starlight on top of the Sir Francis Drake - they had a wedding up there a few weeks ago, on the dance floor over looking the city.

I don't think I get a discount at the winery (the tag is around $10k) but I could ask?