26 November 2008

schizoid thoughts on a Wednesday night

Is it normal for me to be spending every waking hour pouring over sites & blogs that are wedding-related, in an attempt to educate myself on the fly? Yesterday I didn't leave to pick up my friend Tolley for dinner until 5 minutes before I was supposed to be there. Not possible, even with my lead-foot tendencies. Thankfully she's a forgiving soul, but still .... Also I was 10 minutes late for an audition because I was going down the rabbit hole of "ooh, what's that link?" I'm going to have to self-impose some time limits here before I flub too many committments &/or become unable to converse about anything else. (I refuse to become that girl.)

I'm off to S.F. for the annual family Turkey Day shindig. My sister is bringing her dog, Remy. This is a blurry cell phone photo, but he's still adorable. The last time I stayed at my sister's place, Mr. UB & I played with him so much that the day we left he searched the whole house looking for us. Yay, Remy!

While I'm up there, I might make a run into the city to see just how "under renovation" the POFA really is. Plus, I want to take my own pics if I can get anywhere near the place. Driving up to SF on Thursday + driving back to LA on Friday = hooray for This American Life podcasts!

Next on the Non-Sequiter List: one thing that I've noticed about containers for favors -- surprise, surprise, they're over-priced. Thank goodness for my little jewelry enterprise, Jessica Rabbit Jewelry ... because if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't know about Bags & Bows. They sell retail supplies, like these cute little bags in tons of styles ($9-12/100) plus just about every kind of ribbon, paper & tissue imaginable. And because it's called "retail supplies" they actually want you to get some bang for your buck -- oh, the novelty of it! You have to buy big quantities (usually 100 units minimum) but for those things you need lots of, it's a great resource.

Finally, during a random errand to Ikea today, I saw some great decor ideas. As soon as I get the color thing nailed down (or even before that, if I just stick to the neutral stuff) I might have to raid their tent full of cheap holiday stuff for some garlands & ornaments. And inside the Big Blue & Yellow Box I found these ideas for reception decor:

The two on the sides are candle holders. The middle one is vases. All have Ikea prices, and are clean enough to work with any decor. Now I just have to figure out where I'm having the damn reception, so I know what/how much I need. But it's a start.


An Atlanta Bride said...

hi there. i just stumbled across your blog. wanted to pop in and say "hi". originally from la, but not living in atlanta, im a newly southern girl missing the ocean like crazy. happy wedding planning!

Christmas Collins - Total Beer Snob said...

Were you able to do some reconnasaince to see about the POFA? Also, when are they gonna open and do we have a glimmer of a time frame for this little shindig? As in which century, year, and maybe season?