01 December 2008

b-maids bearing booze

I just received confirmation of what fabulous choices I made in the Sonoma County contingent of my bridesmaids. Not only because they are two of my favorite people ... but also because they are hooked up. Christmas (yes, really) works at a brewery. Sunny works at a winery. Let the rejoicing begin!

The brewery in question is Russian River Brewing Company -- owned by two people I adore, who happen to make some seriously yummy beer. (Read more about the goings-on there from The Beer Babe, who is also my beer babe.) The winery is also up there in Sonoma, but I need to find out if Sunny is currently mad at her boss before I pimp their label here ....

I told them they have about 10 months ahead of them to "misplace inventory" in preparation for the reception. They replied that they, in fact, like their jobs and wish to keep them. But they both get a pretty swell employee allotment/discount -- and that will do just fine.

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