31 December 2008

Oregon, part 2

Just how much snow was there? These trees turned out to be over 3 feet tall. (The property is a Christmas tree farm.) His Parents nicknamed them "the klansmen" -- and it is kind of weird to look out the window & see rows of little white hooded figures on the lawn. I'm just saying.

After our midnight hike the night before, we decided to get properly dressed for our next foray out into the snow: trekking down the driveway (3/4 of a mile) to see if mail &/or a newspaper had been delivered. You can see why the car wasn't able to make it to the house. Also, everything appears to be a-ok here, according to Mr. UB. That small thing sticking out of the snow to the left of the deer statue is another deer statue. Or at least the ear (I think) of another deer statue. Mr. UB discovers that he cannot, in fact, sled down the hill without a sled. (He tried this several more times, just to be sure.) That's Sweeper Dog with him -- the dog that His Mom mistook for a snowdrift when he was waiting to come inside. (Fortunately he's very happy in the snow.) Sweeper was part of a litter that the breeder named after "the mind" -- there was an Einstein puppy, a Jung puppy, etc. She'd heard of a video game called Mind Sweeper, and and gave that name to one of the puppies. Except that the game is actually called Mine Sweeper ... anyway, they just call him Sweeper now. I'm really not sure what's going on here. Moving on. Views of their property. There hasn't been this much snow in at least 60 years. Got it? Good. This is part of a culvert that is usually filled with water from one of the creeks on the property. Since the water was completely frozen, this was able to happen: Sigh. And he thinks I'm the goofy one in this relationship.

The best part of any walk down the driveway is almost at the end: the guy who has the property next to theirs has llamas! Lots of llamas! Baby llamas! Whenever there was a delay in getting stuff in/out of the car, or if I beat His Parents to the car because I was walking faster than they were, I just happily told them, "I'll go talk to the llamas." They never talked back, but I didn't mind. Also, I named them all Lorenzo. Because that's how I roll.

Our walk resulted in mail, but no newspaper. So it was back to the house, which I was cheerfully referring to as "snow prison" -- in the best possible way, mind you. Nothing to do but read, watch BBC's "Planet Earth" on dvd, and this: Did I mention we were essentially snowed in for the first 3 days?


Christmas Collins - Total Beer Snob said...

I call your snow prison and raise you one awkward, torturous evening at the family of current BF. They don't seem to have anything but genes in common and they don't seem to like each other every much. And they don't drink. At all. Not even on Christmas. Nope. Nada. Not even a glass of wine with dinner. Although what they DO do is play The Grateful Dead trivia board game. I'm sorry, my bad. Bored game. WTF?!? Have they MET me? Clearly not. I brought them a VERY nice bottle of wine and I sincerely hope whoever they re-gift it to really enjoys it. Also, I'm no deadhead, but I'm fairly certain Jerry Garcia would not have appreciated his bored game being played in sobriety. I don't think he would've approved. My mother later chastised me for not being prepared and bringing a flask. She says she raised me to be smarter than that.

Krista said...

It sounds like you made the best of the holidays - snowed in or not, at least you made some llama friends!

samantha said...

love the llamas (I have some on the hill next to my office - dolly, lorenzo and como se is what I've named them)

Xmas's holiday sounds way worse than snow prison (that I would have enjoyed)

I spent mine in SF, eating oysters, drinking champagne, and only being slightly cold when I ran from door to car to go some where.

love you.