02 January 2009

spreading the love

I am in love. First and foremost, with Mr. UB, but also with two ladies in particular whom I've discovered out there in Blog Land. I've been doing "a bit" of cruising around on the internet, attempting to 1) discover exactly how one plans a wedding, by 2) looking for ideas to emulate *coughstealcough*. And while a lot of what's out there is just plain scary to me, or looks like the Wedding Fairy threw up on it right before she exploded, there have been a few truly amazing discoveries:

1) A Practical Wedding: I stumbled across this blog one night when I was having trouble sleeping, up in Snow Prison. I think I devoured almost the entire thing in one sitting -- although I keep cruising back over it looking for tidbits I might have missed. Things I love about her: her book-themed bridal shower; her take on the many-layered horrors of attempting to dance the night away with your beloved in 15 lbs. of dress that costs as much as a used Toyota; the fact that she literally registered for goats.

But mostly, it's for her overall point of view. Which is a lot like mine, except more eloquently put: "If you have the time and energy, by all means, think about the details. If you can make your wedding more of a personal reflection of you and your partner, that's awesome. But lets be honest. I have been to countless weddings, big expensive weddings, small DIY weddings, and everything in between. And I can't remember a single centerpiece. Not one.

If you want to focus on something, focus on making the day a accurate reflection of you and your partner. Do things because you want to do them, not because the wedding industry is telling you they are the done thing. Your guests do not care about the fancy calligraphy on your escort cards. And they are not going to remember your wedding because it was the third one they went to this year with parasols and pashminas for all the guests. They are going to remember the wedding that was vibrant and joyful, not the wedding that felt like a (very detailed) photoshoot."

... yeah -- what she said.

2) Peonies and Polaroids: Where do I even begin? She lives in Scotland, she loves rabbits, and she has exquisite taste. She's also delightfully prone to swearing, in that British way that still manages to sound posh. She's unconventional in the best possible way -- you get a sense of a woman being herself, however on- or off- the beaten path that may be, who describes her flaws & mistakes with a humor & grace I can only aspire to. She takes the loveliest photographs. And I am seriously considering copying her bracelet.

To both of you lovely women, and all the others out there who supply me with my daily dose(s) of "wedding porn" -- thank you for your inspiration, and for the reassurance that I am not alone.

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Krista said...

I love both those bride-bloggers, too!