13 January 2009

a "before" photo

I mentioned a few posts back that my engagement ring, which could not be more perfect, nor could I love it more ... was born from "less than impressive" stock. To wit: when Mr. UB & I were talking about getting engaged in the abstract, he asked his parents if there was a family ring he could give to me when he proposed. (I was instantly on board with this idea.) His Mom hesitated, then said, "Well ... there is a ring, but I don't think it's something you'd want to use ..." We replied that hey! -- we're both open-minded! She should send the ring, and we'd absolutely consider it. Cut to a box arriving in the mail ... Mr. UB opens it, stares into it for a moment, then asks, "Hey, J__, will you marry me?" I glance at what he's holding and say, "Um ... no."

Now before you think I'm shallow, behold: Yep -- it's Turban Man, in all his glory. Apparently it's something his grandfather acquired before/during WW2, in India. And as funny as it looks today, the materials are the real deal. So his beady little eyes became the outer 2 stones on my ring, and the bindi in the middle of his forehead became my center stone.

Personally, I now think we need some zircons to resurrect Turban Man.

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Redframe said...

OMG I love him! Too bad he's gonna be all melty pretty soon? Oh well. You couldn't exactly wear him as a wedding ring could you?