06 January 2009

when being forgetful is a good thing

Not being able to remember things (my brain is full) has worked in my favor for once. A little over a year ago, I did a modelling job for my friend, Carolynn, who works for a jewelry company. As payment, they offered me some of their jewelry in trade. Which was perfect, because I love expensive shiny things, but rarely have the spare cash to buy them. Of course, being me, I immediately lost the certificate they gave me, and shoved the memory of said jewelry allotment to the back of my mind. (I think I tried to redeem it in their online store, and when that didn't work, then I forgot about it.) At any rate, the need for sparkly things to fancy up my dress caused some sort of shift in my brain, and it shook the dust right off the relevant memory. I emailed Carolynn today, and discovered that phew! my "money" was still good (not that I thought it wouldn't be, but it has been a freakin' year.) So this is what I'm getting: I ordered 2 pairs, because I'm not sure which size will look better with my little hat/veil thingy. And because I can definitely live with two pretty pairs of earrings. The larger hoops are aquamarine, and the smaller ones are sapphires.

Go check out their store at EnergyMuse.com -- they have all sorts of lovely things.

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