24 January 2009

it's definitely not nothing ... *

In what can only be interpreted as a reasonable (re)action, Mr. UB has started a blog. He says it's intended as a "companion piece" to my ramblings here. I'm pretty sure that means he's going to offer his point of view on all things Wedding, and correct my interpretation of his thoughts/motives/etc. I suspect there will also be a healthy dose of mocking me right back. (Cue "Dueling Banjos," please.)

Pop quiz: this makes us a) adorable, b) well-matched, c) deserving of each other, or d) comfortable with announcing to the world that we both have way too much free time. Feel free to check his blog here before you decide.

* title reference explained here.


London bride said...

a) adorable and b) well matched. Hope you both enjoy having companion blogs :)

east side bride said...

I vote c)!