22 January 2009

it's not the having, it's the getting

I had my first "Oh gosh, I wish I'd seen that dress before I bought the one I did" moment today. Based on what I've read around the bridal blogosphere, I think this is kind of normal. And I still love my dress -- for how it looks, how I'm planning to style it, and the deal I got.

... but that being what it is: Color me drooling. Joli dress via Vintage Glam Weddings.


London bride said...

Oh I had that moment so so many times, even when I picked my dress up from the shop. But now I am so happy I made the decision I did. It's good to have those moments and then getting back to your dress and realising you still love it.

Victory Bird said...

Yeah, I totally feel you. While I know that the dress I purchased will be just perfect, I keep coming across wildly different alternatives and I'm kind of sad I have to miss out on some. I love imagining what could have been!

jenifer leo said...

Thats the spirit, I like it.. Hope you done great with this dress. I am not doing anything traditional with my wedding. I want my Bridesmaid Dresses to all be different styles.