30 January 2009

more shopping success

Mr. UB & I went to downtown L.A. yesterday, on our first joint shopping trip for wedding stuff. Our mission: groomsmen's ties. (You see why I thought he'd be interested in joining me. I swear I don't normally burden him with these things.) And I was surprised by how quickly we found success: I'm not totally crazy about the slightly irredescent thing going on, but he really thinks it's cool. And frankly, that's much more important to me than satisfying my admittedly hard-to-please asthetic sensibilities. Also, check out how nicely they match my shoes: Pretty damn good, I say. (I want the rest of the attire stuff for the ceremony to skew a little lighter now.) Best part: $5 each. For silk. AND we had enough time left on our parking meter to grab some super-yummy Mexican food for lunch. Booya.

I've also had some great success on Craigslist: There's more than one layer of candles there, and all I need is some wax remover to clean up the holders. All of the above, which is exactly the kind of thing I was planning to buy, for $20. Thanks, Lane in Santa Monica! I got this for $2. Thank you, Sae Jin in Pasadena!

I'm going to hit the Rose Bowl Flea Market in 2 weeks -- my bargain hunter has officially been awakened. And now that I don't teach until 2pm on Sundays, I can actually get out there & have some time to dig around.


elizabeth said...

Just found your blog, and felt immediate affinity to your irreverent approach! My wedding is the day after yours - just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge... and you've done tons more planning! I will read & learn.

un-bride said...

Where on the other side of the Golden Gate? It's so ridiculously pretty up there.

kaitlin said...

judd does love shiny iridescent things. its nice of you to humor him.

un-bride said...

aren't you supposed to warn me about these things beforehand?!

kaitlin said...

did you not see the tree ornaments that judd picked out in his youth while you were in oregon? and haven't you noticed that he owns a few shirts that kind of reflect light when he moves?
its good that you bought shiny ties though. this might satisfy his urges - otherwise he might end up with a sequined tux.