04 January 2009

Oregon, part 4

Christmas morning:
Just after we opened presents, His Parents made a yummy pancake breakfast. This was the meal that made us all realize, "Gee, we really need to get more food!" and hence make the grocery run described in my previous OR post. But first, the Christmas morning goodness:

First, the tree:The upshot of not being entirely sure what all the settings on your camera do = unintentionally cool "mood" shots. Mr. UB got me the most rockin' gift ever (after the ring, of course): Cheese of the Month Club! I am only recently rehabilitated to the marvels of cheese. Suffice to say that, since I've jettisoned the eating disorder, I've discovered that Tolley was right: Life just isn't worth living without cheese. And we've now got 6 built-in Date Nights for the rest of the year.

Here's Mr. UB modelling my present - front-side:and back-side:As long as I can't coax him out of t-shirts, I can at least give him reasons to stop wearing that silly video game swag. Right? And lest you should be unclear about the meaning of said t-shirt, please check out my company's site here. I teach classes in L.A. If you're local, leave a comment & I'll hook you up with a free class. Hooray, Free!!

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