02 January 2009


I have not only finally managed to take a pic of my engagement ring that isn't blurry, out of focus, or invisible behind the reflection of the flash ... but I've taken one that actually made me go, "oooh -- pretty." So I'm going to post it bigger than usual.(If I could figure out how to make this the header for this blog, I would.) You can get a better look at the stones here: and at the setting here:Designed by Mr. UB himself, with the help of the jeweler just around the corner from his house. Three of the stones are from a ring that belonged to his grandfather, which sounds very romantic. And it is, until you see what that ring looked like. I promise to post a pic as soon as he remembers to send it to me. We called him Turban Man.

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anna said...

Exquisite. You lucky thing!

BTW. The turban man was awesome!

P.S. I'm no blogger expert but go to your layout page, click edit on your header and then you can change the picture.