09 January 2009

it's been a while

Forgive me while I go off-topic for a moment ... but it's been quite the day, and I need to get this off my chest. My day today was Crazy. In a mostly-good way, that's hopefully on its way to becoming the norm once again. Allow me to explain:

I woke up this morning thinking that I had one noon-ish audition & a doctor's appt. I'd forgotten that my cell phone was re-charging in the bathroom, so I only discovered that I had a message when I went to get ready for said audition, around 11 a.m. I got called in to audition for a tv show -- at 1 pm. I immediately called the casting lady, and told her that I would love (LOVE!) to audition, but I would probably be late, due to my previously scheduled appt. For once in the history of L.A., she was geographically convenient to my prior committment, and it seemed like all would be well. Except that on my way to the tv audition, my commercial agent rang ... and said that I had a straight-to-callbacks audition at 4 pm. I told her that I was on my way to a tv thing that would shoot right away (tv & comm's are entirely separate, so she had no idea) and I would let her know right away if I didn't book it, aka was on my way to the commercial call. (Which, btw, is a KILLER f'ing job that I would pay them to get.)

The tv gig was hilarious -- something I'd self-submitted for, based on personal skills: they needed "goth baton twirlers." I'm hardly goth, but I can twirl a baton. (My mom used to teach. Yes, really. Before she became a republican, but anyway ...) They wanted "Suicide Girl" types to baton twirl in a video segment for the show. Perfect: if they didn't book me, I'd get to go to the last-minute super-high-paying audition -- where they wanted me to look "natural & wholesome", right after I'd got done slathering on the black eye make-up & twirling a baton while dressed in a tutu and stripper heels.

As it turns out, they didn't book me ... so on my way out I grabbed the last slice of pizza off the crew's lunch buffet. (Hey: I was starving, with no chance of a break in my day to grab food. AND I was wearing little more than a push-up bra & holding a baton. No one stopped me. Sometimes, we do sh!t because we can.)

So: on my way home to grab a sundress & high-tail it across town, Mr. UB called. And we proceeded to discover that this whole SF/LA wedding thing was drastically different in our minds. As in: I pictured a party in L.A. with a real wedding cake and flowers & dancing ... and he pictured a kegger with some friends at a local bar. Clearly, we need to discuss/ re-calibrate/ seek therapy. Which was, btw, the point of my Dr.'s appt -- which I completely forgot until they called, looking for me. "Oh $h!T!!"

But moving on: I had another audtion to get to. And they wanted me to look natural, while I currently looked like I'd been trolling Hollywood Blvd. for crack money. Hooray, q-tips!

... On my way home, I took stock of the day: 1) Awesome to have three (3!) auditions in one day -- it's been a looong time since that happened. I hope it foreshadows a trend; 2) I didn't book the baton job, nor did I have a great feeling about the callback -- was it all for naught?; 3) I'm still dead-a$$ broke, with a budget that sucks more than the Bush II Administration. Crap.

And then: I check the mail. It seems that "they" have decided to continue running my commercial from last year in Europe -- which means I get paid again. Which means I can a) pay back my friends, b) buy food before the regular job pays next Thursday, and c) establish a cushion, albeit a tiny one, so that I don't run the daily risk of over-drafting anymore.

"Yo ho, yo ho, an actor's life for me!"

SO: Today, I feel like an actress. It Is A Good Day.

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