02 January 2009

almost "done"

And by "done" I mean "planned." I've been raiding the after-Christmas sales, looking for all things creamy & shiny. I think I've got all the containers for our candy buffet.Three apothecary jars, all from Ross, $9.99 each. Two mercury glass hurricanes from Target, $12.50 each. Two gold & cream plates, also from Ross, $3.99 each. One stand made via instructions on Once Wed: $3.98 terracotta dish (Home Depot) + $0.25 plant pot (Ikea) + $1.29 craft paint (Michael's) = $5.52. Everything else I already had, including the paper liner:which is leftover from here:Less delicate than all that pretty craft paper, and I have quite a bit of it. Which means I can f*¢k up a few times & not freak out/have to go back to the craft store. Which is a good thing, because I made a special trip out there for a round edge cutter-thingy, only to discover that those start at $20. And frankly, I don't plan on cutting enough round things to justify that expense. So I just used my little exacto-thingy and went slowly. Only took me two tries.

Also, this little (cup)cake stand is officially my first hot glue gun project. Which means it's also the source of my first hot glue gun injury:This is going to be a long few months. I'm gonna go make sure my health insurance premium is payed up.

So: all the above prettiness for just under $70, with nothing left to buy but a few scoopers. And to fill the jars:7-up flavor Jelly Bellies,jordan almonds,white chocolate drops, all from BulkFoods.com,white pillow mints,cream and white "chocolate milkies" -- m&m's without the monogram, for less money, both from GroovyCandies.com.

Also, because I've probably completely lost my mind, I'm going to make a couple of things. (I heard you gasp, oh ye of little faith.) Now anything I make will have to meet two important criteria: 1) it's not crazy complicated, and 2) it will stay fresh for up to a week, so I don't have to manage to arrange a 50-hour day, the night before the wedding. Fortunately, my mom gave Mr. UB a lovely cook book for Christmas -- probably because she knows that all I make for dinner is reservations, but moving on -- and it contained one or 2 things that seem to fit the bill: white fudge and flavored gum drops, both from BetterHomes&Gardens.com. They're both made with 6-7 ingredients, which you mix, pour into a pan & cut into squares when it's set. I can do that. Similarly, these marshmallows are one-cake-pan-at-a-time yummies:The white ones, I mean.

There's just one thing that's making me crazy: no one that I've found will tell you how much you need. They don't even give you a ballpark figure. They just say annoying things like "Have lots!" and "Celebrate with abundance!" Gee, thanks guys. I will. But my abundant celebration will be happening on a budget, and I don't want to a) run out & screw half my guests out of their hard-earned sugar coma, or b) over-order & thereby sentence Mr. UB & I to a year of jelly beans & fudge, 3 meals a day. (My 6 year-old self would've been ecstatic at the idea of this. Today, my skin & my thighs say thanks but no.) So ... anybody out there have a formula for candies/person?

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