21 January 2009

shout-outs & stuff I've seen

As I mentioned in a previous post, my wedding dress arrived. And I managed to get through the alteration experience without passing out.* (*barely, but who's counting?) But I've been remiss in letting you know about the amazing people who made it possible for me to get a dress I love on freakin' eBay:

1) Julie at bobsbijoux eBay store. We chatted back & forth via email before I made the leap, and she did so much to calm my nerves about buying a wedding dress online. She was happy to let me exchange it for another size/style if I needed to, with just the cost of shipping, and even offered me some advice when I was wavering between 2 similar styles. Her shop sells overstock & past season J Crew dresses, in lots of colors and short & long lengths. Great stuff for brides & b-maids. I got mine for $122.95 with shipping!

2) R & L Tailoring & Alterations. I found them on Yelp, and wasn't disappointed. They couln't have been nicer, and their price ($75 to take in a wedding dress all the way down the sides & in the back where the zipper is) was very reasonable. They don't have a website, but you can find them at 1263 Smithwood Drive, L.A. 90035 (just a few doors north of Pico, between Beverly Dr. & Beverwil.) 310-557-0249. Read more reviews on yelp here.

3) My dress has pretty thin halter straps, so I realized after very little searching that I was going to need one of those 100-Ways bras from Victoria's Secret. They've been discontinued in stores (probably b/c they're being sued by someone who claims they stole her design) so you can only get them online. The neutral ones are $37.50 now (down from $50), but you can get it for $19.99 if you can make do with a slightly funkier color. The sale ends tomorrow, according to their website.

In my search for a few more wedding things today, I came across these at Ikea: Not my colors, but if they're yours, Ikea Burbank has them on sale for 49 cents each. They're hidden down in the bins right before the cash registers, fyi.

I also managed to order the paper for our invitations today. I finally decided that I'm fed up with regularly cruising the aisles of Michael's for one color, and JoAnn's for the other. (Why can't one or the other carry both? It's the same freakin' manufacturer, for peet's sake.) Even with shipping, it's cheaper to go to the source & get it in bulk, anyway. These are crappy pics plucked off their website, but here's what I'm getting: The top back color "Blonde Columns" is actually just a textured, solid-color cardstock. It's really nice, and I like that it echoes the columns in the achitecture of our ceremony site. $40/125 pieces of 8.5 x 11. We can get two invites per sheet, based on the size of our design -- which leaves lots of extras for screw-ups/people we forgot.
We're getting the 2nd color from the left, "Artic Ice."It just happens to perfectly match the gold ink that I found to stamp the invites with. I like that it's a soft sheen, and not one of those "where are my sunglasses?" sparkly papers. We want classy, not Ceasar's Palace. $13/25 pieces of 12 x 12.
(All images & prices available at The Paper Company.)

Finally, my search for a petticoat continues. I've found a couple in vintage stores, of which L.A. has a ton, but nothing that's quite right. (I have until October, so I'm not worried yet -- check back in August to see if I'm in a lather about it.) But I'm happy because today's outting reminded me of the existence of one of my favorite places: Shareen Vintage. It's an absolute treasure trove of vintage clothing, in a warehouse down where the 5 & the 110 cross. Shareen, who was there today, has an incredible eye, and even better sources. (Seriously, I don't know where or how she finds her stuff. But I wish I did.) The best part: her prices are insanely reasonable. I had to take slow, deep breaths to keep from walking out with a whole new spring/summer wardrobe. (Her collection at the moment is heavy on dresses. How does she get inside my mind?!) No hits today -- one slip was too poufy, one was too big in the waist -- but I told her what I need and I will be going back. She's got locations in Venice & NYC now, too -- info, etc. on her site.

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