23 January 2009

what we have here is a failure to communicate

Things I just don't get:

1) When I cruise sites like Craigslist, Bravo Bride, etc. and people list shoes for sale ... and nowhere in the listing do they mention the size of the shoes! Also, listings that say things like "I paid $25, will sell for $20 + $15 shipping." Um, yeah. What a deal.

2) Last night Mr. UB & I were sitting in my living room, talking. The Cat was hovering nearby, as she is wont to do. (She occassionally wants to be near--ish ... close enough to keep an eye on us, but not so close that we think she enjoys our company.) Mr. UB convinced himself that because she wouldn't look at him when he waved his arms and said her name, she must therefore be blind. I'm going to have to explain to him how this "cat" thing works.

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