01 February 2009

shopping goodness continues

I have to give props to A $10,000 Wedding for this one: the sale going on right now at Pier One. She tipped me off about it in her blog, and although I had to do some digging, I really did find some great stuff. So much that I went back the next day, when they weren't about to close which made me feel like I had to rush. (By the way, why is it that all the cra-zazies come out to shop just before a store closes? Those poor clerks. Maybe it was because I picked the Hollywood location, but still...) I got a few more of these -- there were already two in the bundle of candle goodness that I got off of Craigslist. Yes, I have something specific in mind for them. Or at least Ania The Coordinator does. Besides, they were $0.08 a piece. I have 12 now.

I also got 5 of these. They didn't match my decor ... ... but now they do. $0.28 each, plus paint I already had = about $1. Lastly, take a look at this:
It's a flower blossom candle holder, in crystal. It's beautiful, and it costs about $88 in the store on La Brea where I spotted it. I did not buy it. I bought this instead: It's a really crappy angle, and my floor is filthy (sorry) so allow me to explain. It's a double-layered star-shaped candle holder. In glass. On sale for $0.18 each. I bought 12. That's $2.16 if you're keeping score. (Which I am, believe me. Ask me about my Excel files. On second thought -- don't. Spare yourselves.)

I also spotted what might be a lovely paper to line our invite envelopes with. I can't get the picture off of my cell phone's online "album", so you'll just have to take my word for it -- it's very pretty. Pale cream with teal blue swirly lines. But I'm leaning heavily against spending $3.50 per piece of 20" x 30" paper. I think I can only get about 10 envelopes per page out of that. Too expensive. Where's all the pretty wrapping paper you can buy by the roll, dammit?! (Seriously, if you know please tell me.)


Carol said...

You've been tagged


Please play along


samantha said...

costco. costco has the thick expensive pretty wrapping paper.


love your bargains - and I was in SF near your wedding site today - it's looking to have progress.