11 February 2009

design contest ... so far

Here's a quick survey of the bridal shower invites that I like the best, as of what's been posted today. First, the one that both Mr. UB & I like: It might be a little too bold for me, but I like the basic idea.

*Side note: for the love of Dog, people, enough with the chocolate brown! It's on my list of Over-Done Stuff I Don't Want, right below polaroid guest books & groomsmen in colored Converse.

Moving forward, I think this one's my favorite (at the moment. Ask me in 10 minutes for a different answer): Followed in quick succession by all of these:

(If we can swap the brown for graphite, that is.)

That's pretty much the order -- based on how long it took me to post them.

Head on over to Minted's critique page, to give feedback to the designers. I promise to post as soon as the general voting begins. Help us get something pretty, okay? Thanks!


London bride said...

I love the second one the best, and completely agree on the chocolate brown!

un-bride said...

Right?! I never thought I'd be "over" a color, but the contrarian in me can't stomach a ubiquitous trend.

samantha said...

i like the 3rd one the best!

Mr.Un-Bride said...

Wait... the groomsmen can't wear colored converse?!? What the heck are we gonna do with their feet?

un-bride said...

Dig holes & make them stand inside?

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Hahaha... I'm so glad someone else said that about chocolate brown (and converses, and polaroids). They're all pretty gorgeous. Let us know which one you choose!