07 December 2008

picture of us #1

Seeing as how I've been talking about our various points-of-view, but I haven't said much yet about how me & Mr. UB are together, I thought I'd share this first (in hopefully a series) of pics .... This one was taken in Akumal, Mexico, at the wedding of Adam & Julia. Yes, the same Julia who will be marrying us. It's one of the few pictures in which I'm not pulling a silly face. (I'm sorry -- I don't know how that happened.) Also, a Win of a self-portrait by Mr. UB! Him: earnest & cute + Me: posing = another day in the life.

1 comment:

Christmas Collins - Total Beer Snob said...

Aw!!!! I love you both!!! Are you two gonna be up this way over Xmas?