15 December 2008

reality bites

Taking stock of what's Done, and Not Done, thus far ...

things I have:
a date
a ceremony venue
an officiant
a bridal party
a groom's party
a ceremony guest list (provisional)
b-maid attire
a photographer
a veil*
*work in progress

things I have ideas for/am working on:
a dress
a back-up ceremony venue*
*recommended by the good folks who are renovating our 1st choice

somewhere to have dinner after the ceremony
a day-of wedding planner
a reception guest list
reception music
reception beverages
decor ideas
gift registry

things I don't have (a clue about):
groom's attire
wedding rings
a reception venue
reception food
a cake
the honeymoon
where we're going to live

When I look at the first two categories, I feel pretty proud of myself, especially considering that the ring on my hand is barely a month old. But then I scan down toward the last category ... and I notice that there's an awful lot of "big" stuff in there. Hello, disturbingly-familiar feeling of nausea.


samantha said...

may I suggest ER Sawyer Jewelers and my beautiful and talented friend Sarah, who has helped many a friend of mine, with rings for their ceremonies? infact more friends than not, have an ER ring, and some have rings Sarah has designed herself.

just saying.. the girl is good. (and reasonable! but shhhhh)

Meg said...

You have a groom don't you? Well, done and done, my dear, the rest is just details.

Besides, I've been engaged for 10 whole months and I don't have some of that stuff. And the groom picks his own attire, so cross that one off your list.