02 December 2008

an idea for the look

Why the hell didn't I get married before the economy went into the toilet? Oh, right ... I wasn't asked. Ah well -- I love a challenge.

First, I finally know what I want my invitations to look like. This one. Just with different colors. (Thanks, The Knot!) I can definitely pull this off. Apparently the bride made them herself, using a stamp for the flowery design thing. I think I'll do a gold frame, ivory paper & dark green ink. Does anybody out there know what gets craft glue out of your hair?

As far as the "look" of the whole thing goes, I'm finding myself kind of inspired by these images.

And I found serious reasons to raid Ikea's day-after-Christmas sale this year:
Just the white one of these:

Also, I found a nice, simple guest book at Crane's:

And I love these bags for my candy bar favors:

(That's the pattern, I mean. They're clear plastic bags -- you get the idea.)

In other fabulous news, I stumbled across the fact that both Costco and Overstock.com sell bulk flowers. That may end up being a bit more labor-intensive than I'd imagined, but if I keep it simple and stick to 1 or 2 kinds of blooms + greenery, I just might be able to pull it off. Especially with some help from Jamali Garden Supplies. Some of what I'm digging, and think I can work with:
Bells of Ireland -- 100 stems for $109.99

White hydrangea -- 30 clusters for $85.99

Roses ("green" like above or white) -- 100 stems for $104.99

I absolutely intend to get bouquets that are professionally made. I'm just thinking about reception decorations. On which topic, I've made NO real progress. Grrrr.

In less-fabulous news, I ran into my friend Marija today, and it seems that she isn't rocking her photography business again just yet (she recently had a baby) ... but just because I love her & I think her work is lovely, check out her stuff here. Oh well ... thank goodness I know a few more photographers. (Occupational hazard.)

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Christmas Collins - Total Beer Snob said...

okay, so far I love everything! especially the pic of the umbrella and the invites. very classy. just like our bride (except when tequila is involved). but i'm all about the neutral palette. ps: when do I get to come shopping for "the dress" with you?!? or whatever else you need. But, really "the dress"! Or "the dress". I must say, I donned a Reem Acra and I'm a big fan. However, you could wear a paper bag and it would still make the boys swoon! Love you, shagger!!