09 December 2008

it's a start

I made another trip to the craft store tonight, and this time I managed to buy some stuff:

So far I've played with the hole-punch thingy (I'm hoping to use it for a few of those nifty paper pomanders) and I didn't feel too inept with it. I also unwrapped the exacto device and immediately managed to cut my finger ... everything right on schedule there. And the glue gun has water on it because I dropped it in the sink. This ... is going to be interesting.

I also bought a whole bunch of paper, with the hope of finding a good combo for the invites. I'm going to get a better look at them in daylight, then post a few possibilities. Note to my long-distance b-maids: I'm going to need your help! Also, do you have any ideas for how to let Mr. UB think his input here is valued? Because that whole "hands-off" thing was just talk, and his taste ... well, let's just say that he's terribly excited by the Helmet Groom's Cake idea.


Christmas Collins - Total Beer Snob said...

Ah yes, that first horrible realization that you may have to compromise on some d├ęcor. I see dark wood furniture in your future ;-). I think the best thing, for now, is to treat him like an overly excited puppy. To have to distract him. Luckily, breasts are like arms. You can motion him out the door with one while the other whips up a nifty invite. Or give him a project you don't really care about or that he can't F-up. How about groomsmen gifts? That one shouldn't be too difficult. Or let him register at Home Depot or Nerds-R-Us or something. Or, if all else fails, start slipping Valium in his drinks. He'll be so chill he'll agree to anything.

samantha said...

They boy issue - yes, put him in charge of things like chair rental, table rental, odd jewish things that need to be at the wedding, and the groomsmen gifts.

as for what you need our help with (is it the crafty persuasion?) let me know.. I'm in!

ps - no wierd headbands - and post a better photo of that thing would you?