22 December 2008

purchased: 1 dress!

I'm not going to post a picture here, because Mr. UB is known to lurk around these parts on occassion. But I bought a wedding dress (yikes! really?!) the other day. One click & there you are. Or there I was. It was? Anyway: many thanks to the very lovely Julie for all her help & reassurances about the online purchase, and for waiting to ship it until I've returned from my trip to snowbound Portland. (If we make it, which is apparently running about 50/50 odds at the moment.)

And I still think I'm going to grab my friends K__, J__ & P__ and go try on a bunch of fancy dresses. Why the heck not? Deep down under my minimalist skin, I loves me a little fancy. Besides, maybe it'll make me feel a tad more "bridal" -- thus far, it still all seems a little theoretical.

In lieu of a dress pic, I give you this, from The Knot via The Pissed Off Bride here:

Pretty. Sigh.

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London bride said...

Yeay, congratulations!