11 December 2008

happy feet

In a rather stunning coup, I have managed to buy myself a pair of wedding shoes! I felt a bit odd for a moment, buying the shoes before the dress ... but my friend Mischelle did the same thing, and her shoes (red satin) helped her design the look of her whole wedding. And hey, you've got to start somewhere.

I didn't score nearly as good a deal as Broke-Ass Bride did, but I went for the same designer, found a pair on sale, and lucked into an additional in-store 20% markdown for today only. Total: $34.99 + tax. E' viola:

(photo NineWest.com)

They also come in a neutral champagne-y gold-y beige, but I love the idea of having this one bright flash of color. Especially with all the neutral decor stuff that I'm digging. (And lest I get too far ahead of myself, I think I have a purse that will go perfectly with these. Light green satin Gucci -- hehe!) So thank you! for sending the Shoe Fairy my way.

In other news, I've gotten pretty swell at Photoshop. It's amazing what you can teach yourself on the internet, between phone calls, on excruciatingly long days at work. To wit:

(Forgive the smudging -- gotta preserve a little privacy.) Since we're planning to have the ceremony & reception in two separate locations, and especially because we'll have different guest lists for each place, we need separate invites. This is my first stab at a reception card. I think I'm most happy about the vagueness ... perhaps we'll keep that, just to confuse everybody.


Blablover5 said...

Ooh I love your reception card. And the shoes are lovely as well. I love seeing some color on shoes.

Broke-ass Bride said...

Yay for a great deal on shoes! Those are lovely :) Thanks for the love...

samantha said...

I hella heart Nine west - and you have to love on the cheap! (plus it's something blue for you to wear..)