23 November 2008

two day planning "break"

If you can call it a break ... I've had two whole days of not doing anything related to researching/planning a wedding. Well, technically I bought a magazine, but I haven't had time to read it yet. I've been teaching at the studio (S Factor, which is my "other" job that brings in 90% of my income -- ahh, acting,) all weekend. Four classes yesterday (personal record) plus two today, and now I'm leaving for the theater. Good news: we "get to" do 2 shows tonight. Woo. Hoo. This is my relaxing weekend.

If I keep this up (and my bank balance says I will) AND add in planning a wedding, AND start looking for a place for us to live in wedded bliss (because he hates his apartment, and I don't have the closet space) ... I suspect I'll be dead within the year.

Tomorrow, I may not get out of bed. I'm sure as hell not getting dressed. I'll just lay here while The Cat walks on me & bookmark/print/three-hole punch things.

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