12 June 2009


I don't know if I will wear a necklace with my dress. It has a halter neckline, which is always a little tricky to accessorize. Plus, I've already got my hat/veil thingy, my hoop earrings, and my Bonzie shrug ... I certainly don't want to end up looking like Courtney Love after a long, hard night of cruising Etsy.

But I do know this:
Me likey. I spotted this in my newest issue of Lucky ... via Banana Republic.


lazybride said...

ha! courtney love on etsy. have halter too...not doing necklace, fear the same overdone thing.

but i am not above advocating for a "wedding outfit" purchase to get a cool necklace that might not end up on you the day of.

that's how i have three pairs of "wedding" shoes instead of one.

samantha said...

don't you need a 'bride necklace' to sport between the wedding and the reception to remind you of all the fun you have had, and are about to embark on?

of course you do...

excuse complete.

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

You just made me laugh out loud! I almost spit out my soup!

un-bride said...

@Kelley, @ lazybride: Glad to bbe of service :)

@samantha: i love you