10 June 2009

pictures of pretty things

I finally picked up my veil/hat/fascinator thingy (yes, that's a technical term) today.

It's pinned to my wig-styling head. You can tell that's not me because I don't have bangs.

And here's what was inside that pretty package from Etsy:

This little shrug is going to go over my shoulders, and hopefully make the top of my dress seem slightly less bare. Or, as my mom put it, less "too much boobs." Mr. UB claims there's no such animal ... all I know is I got to shop in order to split the difference. Hooray, diplomacy!

I'm glad I had these things to take pictures of today, because I needed a lift. Having something pretty & tangible on the wedding front is a nice change from all the kinda-still-feels-theoretical things, like getting bid after bid from caterers. Who, by the way, are all smoking crack, in my not-willing-to-go-into-debt-just-because-of-the-W-word opinion. (I understand paying a bartender to work our bar. But a flat fee to you, because we're providing our own booze? Yeah, good luck with that.)

Beyond that ... sigh. Just sigh. This stuff is getting to me. I'm trying very hard not to let it, but there you have it.

Fortunately, I have 4 different acting commitments between tomorrow & Sunday, so I'll be in a sleep-deprived haze & therefore distracted.


elizabeth said...

Ooo! Lovely! The feathers on the hat-veil-fascinator thingy are especially fabulous, and the Bonzie shrug is awesome! (Thanks for the proper vocab - I was trying to explain what came in the hat box, and the best I could come up with [for the non-wedding-blog-initiated] was 'hat.')

I find the best antidote to wedding burnout is work... hooray for all the acting jobs!

("nicsil": necessity for a honeymoon bag -- ointment to soothe those little red bumps from shaving.)

Marie said...

Lovely lovely lovely! You lucky thing. And thanks for sharing too :) Hope it all gets better after the next manic few days and some sleep!

Nicole said...

Oh I hear ya on the caterer bids and their way of telling you exactly how it's gotta be. You will find someone who fits with your style and budget.

I want something similar to cover up my back a bit (my dress is super-plunging)... to keep things a bit of a surprise.

Have you seen anything similar to yours with a back instead of just with shoulder coverage??

un-bride said...

@Nicole -- yes, my same seller, Bonzie, makes some styles that have backs. Check them on Etsy, they're gorg!